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Cloudchaser and Flitter (edit-apologize) by Unnop64 Cloudchaser and Flitter (edit-apologize) by Unnop64
Just :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: them.
They are the most lovely (twins?) background ponies, aren't they?

I was experiment on new mane/hair style and litter more detail on eyes. It was pretty hard and takes time to myself.
I think I finally draw Cloudchaser and Flitter perfectly this time after fail for two times in the part. :D

I am so sorry for what I did. I went too far and I didn't mean to "steal" or "copy/modify" an Antiander's art work and credit myself. I was only try to draw hair in manga style as experiment but something went terribly wrong here. I admit that I used two of Antiander's art work as a base. I am really sorry that I did not credit him or even ask him for permission do so. This will be the last one that I do this style and was bad behaviour. I am really sorry to everyone and my watchers who are disappointed at me and this art work. I promise that I will change my style and use my own line for the next one. I will keep this art on here even it is a bad thing for myself unless Antiander tells me to delete it. Thankfully he has only warned me.

Both were based on:… - Flitter… - Cloudchaser
by Antiander

Sorry everyone.
I tried my best to explain. I hope you understand from what I said above. sorry :(
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August 24, 2013
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